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Cardcaptor Sakura -Cels-
A cel from when Sakura is rotating against a bamboo background with silhouettes of her friends and her brother at her sides, while the Song card sings. Medium
Cel of Tomoyo w/camcorder. Pref. her to be using it. :D Medium
Waltz Cel Medium
Ranma 1/2
A nice/cute Cel of Akane, Ranma, or Ryoga. Medium
Sailor Moon Stars -Cels-
Cel of Seiya saying good bye to her. eps. 200 Very High
Cel of Starlights and princess (school uniforms or starlight forms) from episode 200. Very High

Any Seiya Kou or Sailor Starfighter cels, douga, genga. Closeups or full body shots are cool. If in doubt please ask, he's my favorite character. Also, any very emotional faces are good too. I'll add a picture later.


Sailor Galaxia/Healed Galaxia/Galaxia-Chaos possesed. *FOUND CHAOS GALAXIA* :D
I'd love to have a nice cel of Healed Galaxia. With her specifically, I'd like to get good expressions on her face. Although, where they re-enact the Sailor wars and she is a shadow character would also be an ideal cel.
Cel, douga or genga for these are what I'm looking for heh.

Cel of Usagi and Mamoru from episode 200 in front of the moon. High
Doki Doki Date cels... Ones where both Seiya and Usagi are together are prefered, however nice ones of Seiya or Usagi seperate are good too ^_^ High
Picture of the Inners (or just some of the inners) from when they are seeing off the Starlights. High
*Sailor Starlights group cels. Attacks, entrances... Ones where you can see their faces would be the best for cels. For genga and douga, this would be ideal as well, but full body shots are also desired. Medium

Princess Kakyuu. Partial full frame or head shot. Again, Cels, douga or genga are cool here. :)

Lina Casting spells :D Medium
Lord of Nightmares Lina Medium
Luna Inverse (cause shes awesome) Medium
Xellos with eyes open Medium

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