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Spring has sprung.
last modified: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 (4:21:16 PM CST)
I'm still alive :) Things have been interesting around here.
I have a bit of a backlog in the scanning department, plus some stuff that I had scanned in before things became hectic. I'll be updating frequently in early May, and will possibly have stuff updating sporadically between now and then. I have a Pokota plushie (Slayers) to make before I start my round of updates. Until then, the eternal winter that my gallery seemed to be in shall now end as it is spring :D
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Update Jason Wolfgang and the unsent Ebay Cels
last modified: Wednesday, August 11, 2010 (1:23:49 PM CST)
Hi. Well it looks like my faith in the goodness of my fellow cel collectors fell short this time. I've usually had such good experiences so this is a rather bitter pill to swallow.

Despite having escalated this last Thursday and once more just asking that the person in question honor their commitments, I am still cel-less. I have no idea what happened to him or why he decided to not send the stuff. Maybe they didn't go for as much as he'd like or maybe he used it as a way to get a short term loan. I don't really know because he never once responded back to me.

The gentleman I spoke to on the day I opened up my claim at Ebay was very nice and personable. By the end of the phone call I was telling him how he could find Gundam cels. So I guess if every cloud has a silver lining it is this:

1.I received money back from Ebay/Paypal.
2.I may have helped a future Cel Collector on their way.

I waited till the absolute latest time before placing my call last Thursday. Way past the normal arrival times for the friendly neighborhood Postal Lady, past the friendly UPS guy, and way past the speedy fedex people.

Aside from a flyer to Mitsuwa and part of my eldest's Christmas present arriving... nothing. So I called and was told that the case would be closed and decided in my favor. I was also told that I'd have the money in my account within 1-2 days. Despite being glad that I'm getting my money back, I am inherently sadden by this whole situation. As others would most likely feel, I'd really rather have the cels. I guess I'll do what others have done in the past and post them up in a section of my gallery. Currently they can be seen in the Recent Developments section. Maybe one day I'll find sequence mates for the Slayers ones.

I did ask what could be done about this so that other people could avoid this heartache and waste of time. The gentleman I spoke to this time (different from the Anime fan of last Thursday) said that they would make a note of it on his account and to leave him negative feedback.

So I went ahead and did just that. I'll probably go ahead and post a general warning on Anime-beta as well so that others know to be leary of this seller as well. With the cel community being as small as it is, you'd think more people would be less willing to burn bridges like this with others. Thanks to everyone who read this and to those that offered support previously. I really do appreciate it.

Sellers Info:
Name: Jason Wolfgang aka jaw271
ebay Id: jwolfgang1
Cel Gallery: http://saiyanpride.rubberslug.com/

Miss Z:
Thanks for your well wishes, I was able to receive my money back.

I'm sorry too. I wish I didn't have to jump through hoops and over hurdles but I was willing to because I thought that something might have happened that would have prevented the usual communication methods invalid. Also, I had a small hope that a phonecall might make it that much harder to think of me as 'just someone behind the computer' without an identity or face. It's harder to do bad by someone you've met/or know than someone that is just out there that you have not spoken to. Alas all I spoke to was an answering machine and it did not garner the response I wished. I'm glad to see that at least in your situation you were able to receive the items twice and your money the other time. Who knows, maybe if I had done so I would have gotten a better response from the seller in question. Then again, I was also afraid he was looking for any excuse to not complete the transaction. :( In any ca
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When Sellers don't ship: Jason Wolfgang aka the ebay cels that never came T_T
last modified: Monday, August 02, 2010 (2:38:32 PM CST)
Not sure if this will help at all, but recently I've been trying to get in contact with Jason Wolfgang -a fellow cel collector I purchased several cels from. Everything went fine until he suddenly dropped off the face of the earth -having promised to ship my cels. Phone calls, emails, ebay messages .... I tried everything short of contacting him via facebook -which incidently I thought would be quite over the top. The thing is though, I did drop quite a hunk of change. A rather considerable amount which my husband helped me raise for this. *sigh* alas, even giving him till the end of the month to contact me an assurances that I wouldn't ding his feedback had no effect. I finally went to ebay a few days ago and he has until Thursday to get them shipped and in my hands before the money is returned and he gets in trouble with them. I know the amount that he has a hold of accounts to a class c felony and one year of jail if I were to file a police report.

So... basically this leads me to wonder WHY ON GOD's GREEN EARTH would ANYONE try to keep that amount of money when they know they can't possibly keep it without sending something in return?

For quite a while I actually worried that something had happened to him and that was why the contact stopped and my package remained unmailed. It wasn't until I dug into his "100% feedback" and found out it wasn't completely 100 percent past the last 12 months as he's had problems before around summer time and not sending packages.

I know my story isn't the only one here. Other people have been able to have decent transactions with him. I also know that there seem to be several cases where other collectors don't send out. Is it a case of remorse where the item didn't garner as much as a person had hoped for? Is it just being too busy? Though really, the guy had my money for a month -he should have been able to ship. Paypal makes things easy.

Is there even any hope that I'll ever see these cels again? There were quite a few that I had wanted very much. :'(

I suppose if he comes through I'll edit this entry to reflect it. Until then though, I'll leave it as is.
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The Pod people strike back
last modified: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 (9:59:03 AM CST)
Well that is odd... I know at some point it seemed that RS was down within the last few months. It seems that it took pretty much all of the titles I had written on my cel descriptions dating back to Dec. 27th. On the bright side I am happy that my descriptions did not go with them otherwise you'd be seeing a whole lot of nothing on here :D It also seems I can't delete image banners either o.0;;

So far 2010 has been going well in the realm of cel aquisitions. I've been lucky enough to purchase two wishlists and a few cels I like a lot. :)
Future changes/additions:
I will be adding a Saint Tail section
More additions to Daa! Daa! Daa!
More Sailor Moon Stars :D
And a few Linas :)

In other news, cosplay outfit seems to be progressing nicely. Though does Lina's outfit remind anyone else of a cross between an elf's outfit and Santa's ? Sure, she might be wearing armor, a cape (everyone needs a cool cape), and her undergarments *over* her clothing... but it's pretty much a red outfit with black belts o.0;
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Dragon Slave! Slayers Cels update and Cosplay stuffs
last modified: Friday, June 19, 2009 (3:27:00 PM CST)
A bit of a Slayers update this time around. I still have a few more to add, but I hope everyone enjoys looking at these :D

Also, I'll be updating the main banner in a hopefully short while. ^_^

In other news, we're tossing around the idea of taking our kids to Acen next time around. They've all expressed desire to go, and Serena and Mia have both stated a strong urge to cosplay. The last (and only time) that Serena had been at Acen had been in 2001 when she was just a little under 2 years old. While Mia has said that she'd like to do CCS (I'm thinking one of the Opening outfits) she also has a strong love of Sailor Moon. Serena is undecided as of yet. I suppose if she just wants to dress up and doesn't know who to go as, we could always have her be from Slayers -as my husband and I plan on cosplaying from that series as Lina and Xellos. Amelia might be a good fit for her, although personality wise, Mia (She's 4, but will be 5 by the time Acen rolls around) seems to be more similar to her. ^_^ I don't think our son wants to dress up as anything other than Indiana Jones or as a Star Wars related character.... Any other ideas for costumes for a (at time of the convention) 10 year old girl?
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New Layout/Graphics and more cels added
last modified: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 (8:13:15 PM CST)
Well, I figured it was about time I add some cels here. So far Momoka from Daa Daa Daa and the luckiest Captain this side of the Milky Way have made their appearance ^_^ I'll be adding a CCS cel, and maybe some more tonight as well.

I have a new series that I'll be adding to the gallery soon. It's right up there with Sailor Moon and Captain Tylor for me ^_^. The new graphics are in tribute to that. Well, that and the fact that if I really still had my Christmas stuff up IRL, someone would have probably gone ninja on me and removed it anyways. So I figured it was the perfect chance to get something more spring-oriented up.
The background was switched up a bit so that it was more like a summer sky. For those that wonder why the banner image is so dark, I was trying to go for the silhouette look. I plan on adding one more SD graphic within the next week or so to complete the look. ^_^ Hopefully ya'll find the SD characters on the subpage banner as cute as I do. ^_^ Enjoy
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Some new site graphics and cels added
last modified: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 (2:30:48 PM CST)
About the banner image:
This was created by using a piece of official Sailor Moon art as the base. Chibichibi was kept virtually the same. I just tried to add some appropriate shadowing and changed the color of her dress. I also changed the faces/hair (and costumes in some cases) of the chibis on the tree to represent other anime characters. This is mostly because I wanted it to be something other than a straight photoshopping of the original image. I also wanted to make something special for a few friends of ours that incorporate some of their favorite characters. The Naruto in the bottom left of the tree was originally intended to be peaking through the branches, as any good ninja could. However, he decided he wanted to be in the shot, so there you have it. If anyone wants to see the original inspiration for this, lmk and I'll post a link to it. I hope you guys like the new graphics in anycase. :D

I'm adding a few new cels -Kodocha, some more Tylor, and probably SM and CCS related stuff over the next few days. I did away with the 'recent developements section' since I thought it was rather hard to tell from the front page exactly what series had things added. Hopefully its a good change. :)

Merry Christmas :D
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Catching up with my backlog 34 cels and a background being added
last modified: Friday, October 03, 2008 (10:36:38 PM CST)
Wow. I've got about 35 prepped cels/background ready to upload. It's just the descriptions that'll take some time. I'm starting the update with the ever calm and collected Yamamoto from 'The Irresponsible Captain Tylor." Also added to the recent developments catagory is an excitable Usagi, a blasted Galaxia, and a rather embarrassing moment between Kanata and Miyu of Daa! Daa! Daa! I'll try to update through out the weekend, so keep checking back into recent developments.

Heres the breakdown of whats to come
(that have the images already prepped of course):

7 Cardcaptor Sakura related cels (1 background)

2 Cutey Honey cels. 1 of the cels is actually a small group of cels from the second to last episode.

16 more Daa Daa Daa (Ufo Baby / Da!Da!Da!) cels

5 more Sailor Moon cels

There are still a few things I have left to scan, and I still have to make a dent into the genga/douga that I have ^_^

I hope everyone enjoys the update ^_^
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A small number of updates and a new catagory
last modified: Friday, September 19, 2008 (10:48:34 AM CST)
Just a small handful of updates today. I have a pile of items here that have been waiting to be scanned/photographed for a year or at the very least several months. I hope to make a big dent into them next week. Till then, I figured I'd pop a few items up here.

I also added a new category "Autographs and Shikishi (Original Drawings)." The first item I put up there was an autograph and drawing by Nabeshin, who most people will recognize from Excel Saga, Wallflower, or Nerima Daikon Brothers. I should be adding one of "Misty May" (from Otaku no Video) and one from Solty Rei soon. On the purely autograph side, I'll probably be adding an FMA poster that I recently got signed by Vic Mignogna and Aaron Dismuke.
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Updating with some BGs and Genga
last modified: Thursday, April 10, 2008 (4:41:40 PM CST)
Just decided to do a quick update with a set of 4 genga sketches of Sailor Star Fighter turning, and a set of 3 backgrounds. 2 of which are from CCS. I'll upload the 3rd CCS-related background and the corresponding sketches within a month or two.
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Post Zombie attack part 2
last modified: Friday, March 14, 2008 (5:05:18 PM CST)
In honor of my kids birthdays (March 16th and 18th) I decided to go ahead and put up 6 more cels... I already had them on the computer, and only had to prep them slightly to upload. The other stuff will have to wait till I can photograph them in, so it'll be a while. :)
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The Zombies got me
last modified: Thursday, March 13, 2008 (9:28:04 AM CST)
Well, still feeling slightly Zombie-ish.
Changed the colors on the gallery since I wanted to make it more akin to Easter and Spring than Halloween. Re-upped the normal bg (i.e. free of undead bunny version).

Added a new Cutey Honey Flash cel that has been here for over half a year. Its in the recent developments and I made a bg to go with it that mimics the original as much as I could. Updated some of the Daa! Daa! Daa! cels with episode #s. Found out that Momoka is actually a Openning cel. That was pretty cool. My youngest likes watching Daa! x3 with us. I'll update more once I finish the two cosplay costumes I'm working on. :)

Future updates include 2-3 Cutey Honey Flash cels, Several Daa!x3 cels (some in Japan), some Sailor Moon related stuff. :D
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Watashi wa Otaku desu
last modified: Monday, October 22, 2007 (7:38:22 PM CST)
http://www.gomanga.com/news/contest_007.php BWAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm cool.

A happy little fangirl am I. Maybe some day I'll have an anime room where I can display my box full of posters that I have, and all the manga in boxes. I just felt like being happy and sharing ^_^ It was very nice to find this out *^.^*

In honor and celebration of this occasion, please accept the new cel in recent additions that I am about/or have just uploaded. :D

Eep. I should clarify. Mine isn't the super huge husband-wife entry. Mine is listed under "Lori Lancaster" and has all the SM stuff ^_^
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Getting into the Spirit of things
last modified: Wednesday, October 17, 2007 (12:53:47 PM CST)
Roughly a week ago or so I decided to put up some more Halloween themed wallpaper. That led to me thinking that, if I was going to change that, I might as well change the banner too. ^_^ I hope you like the new look and color scheme. I'll probably reset it for Christmas or a more generic Holiday theme :D

Also, I added a new piece from The Irresponsible Captain Tylor series. Its in the Recent developements section. I have several more cels to put up that are already prepped. I will do that the second week of November I think. Maybe sooner.
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last modified: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 (10:30:07 AM CST)
Those oh-so-cute Hamhams have landed in my gallery. Uploading select images from settei data from 2 movies and the tv show. Feel free to look in Recent developements to see :D

Complete sets will be avalible for viewing on my personal within the next couple weeks. I have to work my way through a two inch stack. ^_^;;;; Anyone else hypnotised by their insane cuteness?
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Updates and a couple new things
last modified: Saturday, August 18, 2007 (1:38:26 AM CST)

New Pictures and thumbnails for:

* Usagi Tsukino: 1st Season Intro Bank
* Chaos vs Princess Serenity
* Nadesico -now with VA signature and series
* Girls Playing poker: New pictures added -better
shots. No longer is the dealer picture used.
Shown with different background. Preliminary
work on background (mimiking original) started.
Continuing with taking care of the backlog ^_^

* SMR movie Cel -Sailor Moon kneeling where she
was holding Tux moments before
* SM 46- Evil Endymion
* SMS 99 - Yuuichiro looking in on Rei

Continuing with the photoshop re-creation background effort.

No longer publically listing Cels in the "Coming soon " catagory for many reasons...
- It bugs people
- I only have the dealer/seller's picture to
go with and I usually like to do my own thing..
- I'd rather have people see cels in their glory
if possible :D
- It's annoying to have a cel in coming soon for
several months :P

Although, this should be moot point for quite a while anyways, just decided I'd post that up their anyways. :D

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Breathing life into cels in my underground laboritory
last modified: Wednesday, July 18, 2007 (3:35:12 PM CST)
Well, it's not really a laboratory. Nor, do I suppose, is it underground. It's on the second floor actually. :D

In any case, as you may have noticed by the little update signs on some cels, I've been putting up nicer images of several. I've actually been using photoshop as of late in an effort to re-create backgrounds for some of my lonely cels.

My goal is to try to create backgrounds as close to the original backgrounds used in the scenes as possible. You have to admit. That cel of Galaxia having the "Starlight Honeymoon Therepy Kiss" used on her was nice before, but lacking a little something. With the new background, its suddenly had new life breathed into it. And heck, you can even recognize the scene it comes from! :D So, I suppose my new goal will be to keep creating backgrounds for those that I am unable to get a copy of the original for. When I have created a fair amount, I'll probably print them out on the nice printer, or have them done somewhere where the price wont kill me.

So... what do you guys think about photoshopping(and printing) large reproduction backgrounds to use with the original cel?
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Updates gallore
last modified: Thursday, July 12, 2007 (8:11:50 PM CST)
Welp. Finally got out the camera and took another round of photographs. I've gone ahead and updated some of the cels in the gallery so that all cels but one(not all douga/genga though yet) have the negative thumbnail mask. I also uploaded a better picture of Sakura's mother from CCS, complete with Signature layer. I also uploaded a new picture of Seiya and Usagi's first meeting at the airport. This new one has a nice airport hallway.

I thought I had pictures already taken of Galaxia vs Serenity, the four girls playing poker, and first season intro, but they do not seem to be on the computer anymore -darned gremelins! So, I'll be posting those next update. Hopefully within two weeks or so.

This update I'm putting up some CCS cels as well as Da!Da!Da! cels.
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Cel Update -Flying babies?
last modified: Tuesday, June 05, 2007 (9:15:06 AM CST)
Hehehe. A four cel update on Da!Da!Da! I still have 12 cels to put up from this series.
Pretty cute though. So far I've only watched a few episodes. Its something I've been wanting to watch for several years, and I've had some fansubs for this for several years now. Anyone know where to get the last 20? I know there is a current fansubbing group for the first 50 or so.
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Wow I had that much stuff?
last modified: Thursday, May 31, 2007 (10:20:40 PM CST)
Hehh. I had a lot of stuff lurking in the closet. Would you believe that I still have several more items to put up? At least 50 more items I think, if not more than that. As soon as the dust settles two weeks from now, I'll post the permanant thumbnail views of them. I.e. the negative mask I've made for them. So that way the gallery would look nice and such again. As such, I'm going to leave the new updates in "Recent Developements" for a while. I'll be putting up a few more pictures of stuff in the "Coming Soon" catagory that have been in Japan for a while. They'll most likely migrate over to "Recent Developements" once the shipping money can be raised. :D Hopefully I can finish my fundraising before the end of summer. Due to rubberslug rules, I wont mention anymore of it in the blog. Just check my links section for info. I hope that bit is allowed, otherwise, I fear I'll have to edit the blog entry.

Other changes were removal of all words dealing with trades or offers mentioned on cels and in the site, in keeping with the rules :D

Anyways, I hope everyone has enjoyed this update.
Next update I should have a cut of genga and douga from Artimis talking on Mina's shoulder up. Followed by ..... Lead Crow and Tin Nyanko (yeah!!!) in a phonebooth going at it. Genga, douga??, and layout and background elements drawing were all included. Whee!! Definately something that I had been wanting a long time ^_^

Still in Japan update:
Evil Endymion, Sailormoon from SMR movie, Yuichiro from SMS watching Rei and the Sacred Fire, Twilight Prince, Wedding Cels from Cutey Honey, Luna Pan cel from Stars season, and some marmalade boy stuff, and a couple other sailormoon cels I think. Also, some CCS backgrounds, including the matching (its from the same episode and scene YEAH!) background for the Sakura Mother/illusion Card cel. :D Cloud 9
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More Updating cont
last modified: Monday, April 09, 2007 (6:17:43 PM CST)
Wow. I guess I typed too much....


Cutey Honey F cel of the Twilight Prince and the aforementioned two wedding cels.

A cel of Yuuchiro from Sailor Moon S season -when he is in just outside the shrine and watching Rei push herself in front of the fire. Pan cel of Luna from Stars season.

Need to add a whole slew of douga and genga recently recieved.

Also recently recieved and waiting to be photographed:

-Usagi Tsukino 1st season introduction Cel
-Chaos vs Princess Serenity cel
-Cel of the girls playing poker
-a couple backgrounds -One is of a lit hallway that I hope will complement the Seiya Usagi first meeting cel.
-Some genga from the Second season : Moonlight night pan sketch set, an Usagi I need to place, though I think I have an idea...
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More Updating
last modified: Monday, April 09, 2007 (6:10:59 PM CST)
Hehh still Sick, getting better though :D Unfortunately, its kept me from getting to the postoffice. Somehow, walking a few miles there and back in rather cold weather (I live as far north in IL as you can get without it being Wisconson lol!), seems like a good way to get pnemonia when I'm already sick. As it is, I'll have to get my husband to pick it up (IPMO) or go myself tommorow since the auction seller has been more than patient with me. I'll most likely add a little extra to it, with another apology for being late. Hopefully she wont be too upset. She seemed like a very nice person.

Wish I could stay in bed, but I've got three kids. When I wake up in the morning I end up staying awake. :)

In anycase....
I added 6 new pieces that I aquired within the past two months. Its all part of the sequence where Aluminum Siren launches all sorts of misc. stuff onboard an aircraft out of desperation. I've always thought this scene was rather funny when I first saw it, so to get a chance to get a genga set for it (around 14 or so pieces) sounded like a pretty good idea. I might try picking up one of the cels in the sequence that I recently found also. It would be nice to reunite them like that.

So, those were added to the recently updated page.
I also added screencaps for the following:
-Galaxia sword swinging attack set,
-1 screencap for Fighter protecting ESM,
-Screencaps for the Galaxia holding Mamoru's starseed set,
-Screencap for the Evil Endymion cel (in comming soon)

probably some more I forgot. Oh well. :)

I'll have a set of 4 (making 5 total cels) of Daa! Daa! Daa! cels coming soon (will add to comming soon in a couple days or so). Also to be added will be 3 Cutey Honey Cels -all from the last episode. 2 of her getting married and one of the

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Updating spree
last modified: Monday, April 02, 2007 (5:15:03 PM CST)
Decided to add some more stuff up to the "Recent Developements" section. Today alone saw the addition of 12 newish items. Time span on these range anywhere from having arrived in winter to almost a year or more ago. So, if you've been wondering where such and went, here it is :D Maybe.

I'll be stopping now for a little while since it seemed that the headaches and nausea got the better of me on the last few descriptions. Hopefully its not too sarcastic, and more on the funnish side. Note to self: no updates when I'm battling the flu
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New Site Graphics, more cels added, General state of things
last modified: Friday, March 23, 2007 (10:02:58 PM CST)
Well, if you noticed, I just recently finished a new background. I think I ended up with 30+layers before I merged all the line art down to one layer and so on. Still, I think it looks decent. Inspiration was Usagi's (Sailormoon) bedspread. Also, I finally added a homepage banner. It is partially how I originally invisioned it. Also, I changed the site colors from gold to blues for two reasons. 1) The blues looked better with the previous background, and work well with this one. 2) Everyone and their brother seems to have gold and black as their default.While it is nice( Heck I've had it like that for several years hehh), and would have fit the Galaxia theme I originally intended to go with when I first opened the gallery, I wanted to be different. Have something more, unique. Or at least, something that set it apart a bit. Its easier to remember something when it gives you reason to. ^_^

In addition to those things, I've been trying to get everything photographed as it comes in. So far, I only have to photograph the Inners playing poker and Sailor Chaos vs Princess Serenity. There is still a package enroute from Germany, several douga/genga sets from Japan that are with the deputy currently as well as a few cels. Among new series, I plan to be adding (3 cels) Cutey Honey F, and also CCS. Though, it seems that my main focus will always be Seiya, Galaxia and Usagi in her forms.

Also, in case anyone was curious, the style for the thumbnails is based upon what a negative looks when you make a contact sheet. Basically, you take your roll of negatives, put them in negative sleeve page, lay said page down on a sheet of 8x10 photography paper, expose it to light and then develop it. The end result is a color positive of each negative you had in that negative sleeve page. Sort of like an index print. Anyways, thats the idea behind those.

Also, in relation to those, Both the cels and douga/genga are numbered in order from when I recieved them. I don't know if I'll continue to number them this way, or just restart at zero and treat it as a standard roll of 36exp. Probably overthinking the whole thing anyways. I did think some might find it interesting though to see the order in which stuff was aquired.

For the sequence section, I already have the thumbnail mask created for these. These will not be numbered. They are made to mimick what a black and white negative would look like after beeing printed onto a contact sheet (like the aforementioned color negs).

So far thumbnail wise, I have them almost all done, and only need to upload them as I upload new cels and genga/douga. Comming soon items do not have these types of thumbnails. This is because I want to use the best image I can, and not go about doing needless work.

Last to note, I added a "Newly Added" catagory. I honestly can not remember whos member gallery I saw this at, only that it seemed like a common theme, and a well thought out one at that. It is for that reason that I decided to impliment one. I figure I'll update the "recent developments" and move items out of there once they have been in a month? or perhaps only a couple weeks. "Recent Developments" is the term being used as it is in keeping with the photography theme :D

Thats about it.

boy, if I don't talk a lot. *grin*
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Details on updates and planned changes
last modified: Thursday, March 08, 2007 (6:09:20 PM CST)
Front Page was getting bogged down, so I decided to go into detail here. Planned changes and updates below.

Updating cels that had cruddy snapshot pictures (mostly in the SM catagory) first. Adding pics of the matching sketches for cels that have them.

Will be adding a banner and adding some more life to this site as well. ITs about time -its been 3 years :D

Working next on custom thumbnail images and screencaps. Then I will continue to upload new items. Recently added the two Inuyasha cels (finally). After all the new items are up on the site, I plan to work on restoring proper cel backgrounds. This will be for those cels that do not have backgrounds to begin with and will also include cels that have a nonmatching original background. This is a tedious process as it requires multiple layers (in photoshop) of work just to piece together the corresponding background for the cel. It is not possible if I do not know which episode/scene the cel comes from. Nor is it possible if I have too little to work with. I'm probably crazy for it, but I would rather have something as close to the original bg as possible.

Planning to upload: A substancial section of Douga/genga and layouts related to SM Stars season. Also douga/genga for other season(s) of SM.

Need to photograph: Hamtaro layouts/settei/ect for the TV series(140 or so), the 2nd? movie (60 pieces), and the recent-ish 4th movie (over 100 pieces). What can I say, all three kiddies overhere love Hamtaro.

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Seiya has come home
last modified: Wednesday, October 05, 2005 (11:38:06 AM CST)
Yeah :) I've been looking for a while for a neat cel of their "first encounter" at the airport. Since I'm pretty heavely budgeted most of the time, it takes a while for me to be able to afford some of the nicer cels and usually they are gone before then. Ahh, for the days when places like Mangaya (sp?) offered their cels for very affordable prices! :) Anyways, I'm pretty pleased with this cel, and plan on making a background for it to frame it with. ^_~
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Data Entry Mark 0001
last modified: Friday, August 26, 2005 (2:46:48 PM CST)
Greetings and Salutations.

This is a record of my quest to gather small translucent objects with paint on them. It is the conclusion that by holding these objects hostage, I may bend people to my will. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA
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