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Like the other seasons, Stars also had at least one "book" that featured fullscaled reproductions of original genga/douga art. I've seen at least 1 book for each of the first - third seasons offered from time to time. I am not aware of how the distribution of these were originally handled though. This particular book was purchased several years ago on auction. Over the 11/12 years that I have "officially" been collecting Sailor Moon cel art, I've only seen the Stars season book pop up 4 times. One of those times was a relisting by an ebay seller. Granted, I may have perhaps not been looking at the correct times. Still, I think this coupled with the lack of other scans from this popping up on the internet speak for the scarcity of it. Either way, I hope you enjoy some of these images ^_^ A word of advice -these images are sometimes cropped in on the sides a little in order to make them a bit more aestheticly pleasing.

 Cover- Hotaru and Chibiusa

 Chibi Neherelia

 Too many cooks spoil the broth

 Its time to face the music

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