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Marmalade Boy

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When Miki's parents go away on a trip to Hawaii, she expected everything would still be the same when they came back. Instead of a "normal" life, she ended up getting sucked into the 5th dimension. It seems that her folks hooked up with another couple. As a result, everyone is now one big happy family, and live in the same house.

High school is already complicated enough as it is without adding her parents into the mix. Things only get harder for Miki from there as she starts to develope feelings for her new Step Brother. To add a bit more strangeness to the mix, her long time friend decides its the right time to confuse her even more and admit that he likes her >.<

Marmalade Boy is a bit crazy at times with more love quadrilaterals than you can shake a stick at. It is a very nice, heart-warming romance/drama with a bit of comedy. Though don't be surprised if you find yourself yelling "What the heck" every so often.

 Blue Miki

 Ginta and Yuu

Curator: galexia
Gallery Created: 4/27/2004

Presentation 8.43/10   Collection 8.38/10   Overall 8.40/10   Votes 46 votes
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