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Originally airing back in the early part of the 1990's, this had a great deal of promotional campaigns associated with it.

Justy Ueki Tylor's life was given direction one day when he saw a commercial for the UPSF. Rising quickly through the ranks due to sheer dumb luck, he soon finds himself as the Captain of the "Soyokaze." Soyokaze means "gentle breeze," in Japanese. This ship is anything but! There is more to Tylor than there seems however, and the rest of the series is a great pleasure to watch. Action, Adventure, Comedy and Science Fiction are mixed in with excellent and distinctive character designs and great music.

This series spans 26 episodes and around 10 OVAs, 2 of which are sometimes referred to as the movie "Tylor's War."

 The Luckiest guy this side of the Galaxy

 Tylor does his "Puppy Dog" look

 The Chipper Crew

 Contemplative Tylor

 Pink Mechs and Dissembodied Heads

 Yamamoto Cuts loose
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