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Also known as "Ufo Baby" or alternatively written as "Da! Da! Da!"

'Daa! Daa! Daa!' is a rather sweet anime series that has a nice dose of insanity to it. This insanity is mostly seen when Chris makes her various appearances (and assumptions about Kanata and Miyu) while twisted circus music plays.

The manga originally ran in Nakayoshi. The basic premis is as follows. Young Miyu's parents leave for Nasa and leave her with friends of the family. Shortly following this, the father of the family she is staying with decides to go AWOL and train in India. This leaves her all alone with his son named Kanata. During their first night together, an alien baby named Ruu and his Sitter-pet named Wanya make their appearance. Apparently sucked in by a dimensional rift, they are an extremely great distance away from their home planet. Kanata grants them shelter at his home (which is a Temple) and the story continues from there. My youngest daughter started watching this when she was 2 (she is 3 now) and really likes it. I rather like the wackyness of it all.

 Contemplating Life

 Miyu at night *Signed*

 You are getting sleepy...

 Last minute confessions.

 Miyu's House

 Yodeling in the mountains


 Cool and Collected Kanata

 Momoka: Target Aquired
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