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Also known by/written as: Card Captor Sakura, Cardcaptors, and CCS.

"If you like Sailor Moon, then you'll love CCS." Those fatal words, typed almost a decade ago on usenet group/message board. I didn't really believe it. I saw a few episodes on a fansubbed tape. Thought nothing more except for a few years later when I caught some of the english dub. *twitch* Fastforward to this past December (2006) and I end up buying the whole series, knowing that its going to be going out of print. So far I am really enjoying it. I'm watching it in little spurts with the kids (the original jp w/english subs). They seem to be enjoying it as well. The eldest has her own set of english dub dvds -purchased during a super sale at Rightstuf....
In anycase...
I definately like this series, love the clamp artwork, and I look forward towards watching the rest ^_^

 #1 - Sakura Release!

 CCS 06 Illusion Nadesico

 You are getting sleeepy...

 17: Summoning

 33: Freeze

 34: Yukito

 40 - Meilin at Tokyo Tower

 41: Blissful Yukito

 49: Mischievous Eriol and the Piano
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Gallery Created: 4/27/2004

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