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Oddly drawn to the forbidden section of the library one day, Miaka encounters an odd book. She and her friend Yui are magically teleported to another world/dimension through the book-gateway. There they are to become Shrine Maidens/Priestesses to legendary Gods and are granted a boon of 3 wishes. The only trick is that they have to gather their warriors and summon said God. In a race against time and eachother, they will both endure and struggle against overwhelming odds...

Home to Cels from FY OVA series I and II. Home to Genga and Douga from FY OVA series III.

 NFS A more Mature Tasuki

 Boshin Crying

 Miaka OVA 2

Curator: galexia
Gallery Created: 4/27/2004

Presentation 8.43/10   Collection 8.38/10   Overall 8.40/10   Votes 46 votes
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