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This is for a lot of people their Gate-way Drug into Anime. Technically, the first anime that I watched was Robotech. However, Sailormoon is responsible for a great many things. I first started watching this in the summer of 1995, when WICU (channel 26 in Chicago) ran a special that even included a girl doing cosplay for Sailormoon. This was basically what I first searched the internet for in late 96/early 97. To end where it had during the second season made no sense to me. You could say it started a neverending spiral for me... Its what made me get into fansub trading and later being a distro. Its also responsible for my first cheesy webpage on geocities -by the same name "Bunny on the Moon." In anycase, this holds quite a dear place in my heart for me.

 169: Its all just smoke and mirrors you know

 172: Everyone deserves a second chance

 173: heading for Harvard

 173:Seiya and Usagi at the Airport

 173: Luna has had enough

 179: Usagi -HS uniform

 181: Usagis' thoughts on Seiya

 181: High above the city

 181: Get A Room - is taken literally
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