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Cool Places on the Internet - Some neat communities to visit

Anime on Dvd @Mania.com - A very large and extensive site with very popular forums. Deals mainly with reviews of licensed anime titles in many parts of the world. Also has some manga reviews, as well as convention coverage.
Anime Beta - You probably know about this site already. Its a large community of Cel Collectors. Pretty nice place ^_^
Cosplay dot Com - One of the biggest, if not the biggest cosplay places on the web. Mostly english speaking to the best of my knowledge. Cosplay is short for Costume Play. It is where people dress up as a character from an Anime show, Manga, Video Game, or even as a Japanese Musician...

Stores - Anime Stores, Individual Selling Sites and Dealers.


Curator: galexia
Gallery Created: 4/27/2004

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